Sunday, peaceful Sunday...

Time really does fly quicker each year I age.  Last sunday still lingers on the fringes of my memory, as does the aroma of Edna's Sunday roast.

I revisited the poetry book and found a lot that was wrong and put it right.  A friend asked me if I'd expanded upon some sort of definition of what PTSD is in the book and I said that I hadn't.  Thanks Liz; I've been thinking about what you said and have included the definition supplied by 'Combat Stress'.  Toward the end of the book I've elaborated on the difficulties I've experienced with regard to care and support from NHS and social Services towards veterans with PTSD.

It feels like a complete book now and, I feel, satisfies the reason for which it was written.

I sent it over to Derek for a final check.  He provides a proof reading service for £16 per hour.  So drop him a line if you have need of such services.  His blog is Along the Write Lines and you can drop him a line through there.

It's been an interesting experience so far with regards to the book.  I applied for my ISBN numbers on Friday gone, so they should be with me in a week or so.  Once that's done, I just have to generate a cover design for the ISBN barcode.  I was sent a link to a site that does this automatically for you - for free.

I started off using Lulu but have become concerned about some of their practises, having read the forum - particularly the UK entries.

Tax is also complicated too.  You pay tax there for any USA based sales that they do on your behalf and then you pay tax here too, should there be any profits.  Sounds unfair to me.  So I'm looking at a different model.  I get Lulu to do the printing USA side for any orders that I generate orders for the USA from my site here.  So it's still a UK sale from the UK.  I've contacted my accountant and the IRS in the states about this model and am awaiting a response.

There's also the issue of customs and whether I would have to pay anything there if I send the book abroad.  So, it's time for more research.

Five minutes til sunday roast!!  Sounds like a good time to sign off.


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