Weekend in Calais...

I needed to use up some tickets to Calais and back by car so I went over for the weekend to isolate myself in a hotel room and just sit and write down some of my memories from serving in Northern Ireland.  It's helped to do it that way as I had no dsitractions and could just focus on my memories.  I find it hard to put any emotion into that writing though and find that my words reflect that ... perhaps that's best as it allows the reader to use their imagination more when they read about some of the conditions that we served in.  How do you write about emotions though when all of yours were locked down at the time?  We functioned without them when dealing with incidents etc.

I also had to be careful as I couldn't write anything that someone might be able to use against people serving out there now.  In the case of our unit though there can only be an improvement in one particular aspect of airfield security.

I got most of the stuff down from my experiences there and felt rewarded by seeing the beautiful Snow Moon the other night.

Most of the time will be spent writing the biography now until May 2010.  I should be able to get most of the bad stuff written about between now and then.  I can go back and write about the funnier bits later, I hope.

I've had word from the printing company that the 'go live' date for 'Words of a Wolf'  - Poetry of a veteran is 24 February 2010.

The snow's coming again.  Northern France has had some and it was trying to snow when I was just North of London today.  Watch out for black ice as there's no cloud cover tonight and the Moon will make her presence felt.

Later ...


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