Honest moments with the cubs ...

The time's flown by quicker than usual with my kids being here.  They got here Monday and there's a feeling of the time accelerating quicker than any of us wants.

We've had quite a few games of monopoly and I got my arse kicked by my daughter on one of them.

We smudged with some dried white sage and talked tonight ... about PTSD and how hard life can be with the condition;  how difficult it is to get from one day to the next sometimes.  Raising their awareness that while the issue may be coming to light because of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, that there are thousands of veterans from earlier conflicts that still need help.  They have a copy of my poetry book that tells them about some of the issues that affects people living with PTSD and I hope that their awareness will ripple out into their circles as they grow.

Looking forward to more games of monopoly, good food and gentle piss-taking tomorrow :o)


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