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Hi Wolf.....

thank you for your comments on the posting i copied on to here,

I didn't put it up with intent of abusing anyone or with racist intent against anyone and i am sorryif it has come across that way maybe i should have looked closer at what i am copying as the last paragraph wasn't intended to be copied on to here....

My intention was simply that no matter who you are or where you are going in the world there is such thing as compassion and honour amongst men......If you see someone without a meal then give them one......

I have nothing against foreigners in general as anyone that knows me would already know this,I have a muslim step mum and i also have a dual national uncle,a lot of my friends are of different cultures so prejudice against creed or colour i am not...Yes the world is a smaller place and Britain is a dot on the landscape but it is getting smaller by the minute,why does everyone want to settle here?? why not use other countries to settle in also....we can only hold so many people and the population here is overrun causing strains on our national health services,benefits sections and housing to say the least......You cant tell me that all foreigners that came to settle in this country are working as you will probably find that a vast majority are not!!! so for these foreigners they should be sent to countries where there is employment and allow them to settle there am i wrong??? That is also said for the British people then maybe we wouldn't have so many on benefits,drinking all day or taking drugs going round stabbing people and commiting crimes.....

You mention slave labour...... nobody asked them to come here and work is there not employment in their native land??

if not then thats up to them to take it up with their own government and change things in their own countries to better their way of life,yes they are poverty stricken but would they be better off in their own native country???at least here they have a roof over their heads,food provided by shelters etc,warmth,clothes,money and a short cut to national health would we also be welcome to the same in other countries???? i think not !!!! As part of an EU country am i entitled to benefits or national health in another EU country if i take up residency there???? this is also a big fat no as i have had to pay for treatments when needed.....

Yes the Ghurka's are from foreign lands originating from Rajastan early 7/8 century but thats a different story,they were eventually made protectorate nationals early 1800's....this therefore if anyone wants to read up on them made the British and part of the British forces.....Yes they are one of the best forces inthe world and they have honour amongst men as do all armed services take a look at the chinese they are taught about honour from birth.......but this is getting away from the point i was trying to make and turning it into something it is not..You tell me i dont know about honour well i am afraid you are sadly mistaken.....And as for warrior well believe me i know enough of them and if health issues hadn't stopped me from being out there with them then i would have been.....yes soldiers help anyone and fight for anyone because thats who they are......

I also know all about PTSD as i have a brother who suffered the same after the first Iraq war and us as a family suffered with him and if you checked me out you would find i am gathering funds for more awareness and help with PTSD as i do with a lot of forces charities......Your right i do have a heart of gold and will try my hardest to help the troops any way i can

I am not going to beg forgiveness i made a simple mistake and shall correct it by removing the post and putting an edited version of it back up......

Oh and dont worry i am taking up a lot of issues with the MOD and the Government to hopefully get things changed for the better but i cant do it alone.....

Have a great day

Amanda x

Yesterday at 10:31am.Villayat

Thanks for replying Amanda, it's been a healthy discussion.

I'm posting some links here to answer some of the oither questions that you've raised about. You've touched on some complex issues but at the crux of it all is one simple fact. There are too many humans on the planet. Border control isn't a long term solution. Until humans enforce a breeding limit on themselves, things will continue to get worse. Leaders and politicians will contrive justifications for war and they'll get away with it because war is also a culling process for humans.

I did some research on immigration and ex-pats a few years back and it seems that the numbers of British people leaving the country balance up the numbers of legitimate immigrants.

The following link answers your question about slave labour, the British government asked the immigrants to come here and work when there was a labour shortage after WW II:

If you look at the law surrounding benefits and immigration, they're not entitled to anything that a citizen gets for a period of time - it depends on their personal circumstances, as they have to be able to support themselves. Political asylum is an international responsibility and all UN member nations have to, and do, bear a part of that burden.

If we move to other countries in Europe, we are entitled to claim benefits there, depending on the specifics of the agreement between their nation and ours and on the type of membership that they have in the EU.

When I go travelling through other European countries, I take my NHS medical ID with me and that entitles me to medical care. The law's changing on the issue and we'll get free medical care in any of the 27 countries soon:

Whatever you've said about immigrants here, another country has said about ex-pats that have moved to their country.

What's the solution? Here are some ideas: Limit all families to two kids in the UK. I can't see a political party having the bottle to implement that though, it'd be political suicide, because on the whole, humans are a very selfish species. Responsible humans seem to be the minority. China restricted theirs to one. It started to address their over- population issue. Allow Euthanasia and give people that are near the end of their journey the right to a dignified ending. That would ease some pressure on the NHS. Work on using more green fuels and resources and end the need for war to secure oil resources that belong to other nations.

No one should be made to beg for anything let alone forgiveness. Your apology was enough.

One last thing though. If you somehow got a bloke to excrete a melon would he know how a woman felt during pregnancy and childbirth? The hormonal changes; the physical changes; the emotional changes? He doesn't have the right sort of orrifice for a start. Does this paragraph sound rediculous? Unless you've actually been a veteran and contracted PTSD as a result of your duties, you will never know what it's like. And you should be grateful for that as I wouldn't wish this condition on anyone. You'll have an idea based on what you've witnessed or heard from your brother. But you'll never know what it's like to live with his PTSD, simply because you're not him.

Thanks for all the work that you're doing to raise awareness of PTSD in veterans and your other help. Check out 'words of a Wolf' and join the group? :o)

It's been an interesting discussion. I feel that you should leave this discussion in tact as it's raised a lot of issues that are talked about in British society that people are ignorant about and there needs to be some accurate information put out about the issues.

Have a good night

Wolf x

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