Meeting Derek ...

Twas a good meet.   We met at the car park of Portreath Beach and then headed off to a local pub and spent the afternoon catching up with eachother, just as we used to do when I lived in Cornwall.  The relationship with Derek is one that's very easy to slide back into as he's a very easy going person and we bounce of each other with regard to our humour as well.

We discussed ways of getting our work noticed or published and I felt a new awareness of the range of his writing when I heard more about some of the projects that he's been involved with.  Long may that continue.

He's a happy chappy on the whole and I hope we get to meet up again soon.

I'm out of Cornwall now and trying to bring the shutters down on the sense of emptiness that being away from Josh and Laila engenders ... and focussing on the work I have to do here.


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