On the road again ...

So, after an appointment to decide the way forward with regard to coping with PTSD, I hit the road and drove over the border to Scotland.

The last thirty miles or so were windy roads besides rivers enshrouded by mists that spilled onto the roads that made reading the roads more difficult; my SatNav acting as a silent navigator, warning me of dangerous twists and turns.  Twenty miles in I was taken by surprise as I came upon a very slim, stone bridge at a dangerous angle ... a slight skid and turn corrected the attitude of the car and the journey through the mist continued.

The roads gained altitude and I imagined what beauty existed around me that had now been swallowed up by the darkness; some of the blank canvas being painted by the memories that came back to life from roads previously travelled.  On descending altitude I saw the river mist glowing through the dark of the night, showing the promise of the beautiful scene to come as darkness relinquished it's hold to the daylight.

I got Liz and Neil's place for 10:30pm and was welcomed with hugs from them and Angus and Jamie, as well as being pounced upon by the three dogs.  I met these guys about 3 or 4 years ago now.  I was photographing the captive European wolf pack at Kingussie and we got to chatting about them.

Liz and Neil are always asking me up and I guess a part of me is very cautious at not wearing out my welcome.

I went for a walk today, with Neil, the first one in nature since Nepal.  The ankle injury that I picked up last year was complaining, sending sharp pain signals but it was worth it.  It was good to walk the land here.  It always energises me.  It feels wilder, like real wilderness, untouched in places ... allowing the energy of the Earth to be felt, accessed more easily.  The experience was more heady as an osprey and a couple of buzzards were sighted.

I was re-introduced to the guy that owns the local fishery and have his permission to stake out his ponds to try to get a shot of ospreys on the hunt.  That starts tomorrow.

The rest of the day was spent in pleasant company, whilst sharing food, laughs and conversation.

More later ...


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