Taking a break before some hard work ...

It's time to head back.  The house is silent, apart from it's conversation with the elements ... the only sound I hear as I write are the songs of different birds that frequent the lovely, fragrant gardens of the grounds of Chy Worval.  If you're looking for a relaxing holiday location in Cornwall, you won't do any better - I guarantee it.   If you're a birder, you'll get so see bull, gold and green finches on the grounds amongst other species, including both species of woodpecker in the area.  the tidal river brings in a host of wading birds including egrets.

Chy Worval is a holiday lodge run by the Paxton family, Heather and Mike.  I've known Heather since we worked together at Truro Citizens Advice Bureau back in 1996 or 1997, which was my last post since leaving that service.  They're an amazing, supportive, fun, loving family and their children are just as lovely.

Saturday myself, Josh and Laila wandred around Truro and had lunch at Shanaz Indian restaurant.  I took some photos of Josh doing some free running on Porthtowan Beach.  Yesterday we spent the day by the Helford River with my kids, Josh and Laila and their son, Tom.  The day was hot and we shared a picnic on the beach and played with stones ... and had a relaxing day with laughter and pleasant conversation.

Later that afternoon myself and Josh went to watch Laila at her riding lesson.  She wanted some shots taken and 'Dad' obliged.  It was difficult dropping my kids off home this time as we know that we won't see each other now until the summer holidays ... but, we'll have 2 weeks together then.  Mike, Heather and Tom kept me suitably occupied for the rest of the evening, which included Tom giving me a tour of his cool pad.

Tomorrow I start a week of treatment at 'Combat Stress'.  They're working as hard as they can to get Veterans in for more treatment but they need increased funding.  I have some collection boxes for them, so if you feel you can help, please get in touch as anything we can help raise will go towards treating Veterans with mental health difficulties.

Time to get ready to head off to meet Derek.



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