It's a question of timing ...

That's it ... no fine touches, no more DIY ... at least for another 3 years!!!  It's stressful and I don't have the patience for it!  I finished the staircase too, or as much as I'm going to do of it.

It's funny what comes in your mind as ideas.  The stairway's a journey - sometimes I'm going up - sometimes down.  I try to live and walk in a Black & White world and minimise the grey ... but the grey crops in and I'm out of control.  I don't like the grey ... but I have to acknowledge its existence and try to work with it or around it ... or I'm screwed.  Why don't I like the grey?  It's the domain of politicians and others that don't want to tell someone a truth.  It's a lot more ... but in the main, that's what it's come to mean to me.

Anyway ... see my foot on the grey?  It took me 4 minutes to slowly climb 12 steps!  Can you believe that it took that long?  It's because there's some fresh wet paint around the tiles.  So, I have to think about something  - should I learn to levitate as quickly as possible -  in case I need a piss urgently?  This is a very taxing decision.  Damn, just writing that thought's made me want to go and use the loo.

I'm going to have some takeaway food tonight - I'd better be waiting for it or they'll disappear - WITH my food if I take 4 minutes to go down the steps!!!

So, back to editing photos and writing tonight ... sigh, at last ....



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