Getting back on course ...

I'm half way through the backups and the admin seems to be more or less up to date.

I see those tasks as chores - get them finished and I get some reward - going out to wildlife with my camera!

The breeding season's already started for some species.  There'll be various things to hear and see if you go through woods and forests quietly.  I'll be looking for kingfishers soon and trying to setup hunting perches for them to use in the hope of photographing them.

I'm also feeling the pull to get on the road somewhere.  The osprey will be coming in to Rutland soon.  Some of them perhaps stopping for a break before heading up to Scotland.  All my licences have been renewed and I'm eagely waiting for news that the first ospreys have arrived.  It'd be good to get some shots of nest building this year - pray for blue skies!



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