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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Paris - initial thoughts ...

It has a certain charm to it.  Some of the architecture is beautiful and, culturally, Paris seems to be more integrated with other parts of the world at a more basic level than London.

If you're heading out this way, get a travel pass from the tourist information desk at the airport before you leave. It covers you for all your buses, trains and metro travels around the city - make sure you get the right zones covered. Stock up on water locally before you head out for the day. 23cents local or around 2 Euros in the street of Paris central.

I used www.homestaybooking.com to find a room with a family.  Basically you get a cheaper room than a hotel and local knowledge.

You'll get the usual hawkers around all of the sites of interest, particularly the Eiffel Tower.  Don't be afraid to ignore them and keep on walking.

A lot of the eating places have free WiFi, so you can catch up on messages while you eat.

Don't forget to pick up a travel map with your ticket.  If you've used the London underground, you'll be fine with the Metro.



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