Yet another competition killing photography as a profession ...

Terms & Conditions

My View of London photography competition  (

Entrants will retain copyright for their photos. However, by submitting a photo to the competition entrants are granting a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual licence for their entries to be edited, published, reproduced and used by Fight for Sight and Park Plaza London hotels for any purpose, free of charge. They are also agreeing to their name, geographic location, photo and photo description being published in the My View of London online gallery and, if shortlisted, to be exhibited as part of the My View of London photo exhibition at the Park Plaza Victoria London. All prints of photos so exhibited will remain the property of Fight for Sight and Park Plaza London hotels.

In plain english - this means that you're giving them your images for nothing so that they don't have to pay photographers for thier work.

Entrants warrant that they own the copyright for photographs submitted and that photographs are their original work. Submissions must not have been published elsewhere or submitted to any other photographic competition, including the 2010 My View of London competition. Entrants are responsible for ensuring that permission of the subject of their images has been sought and that the images do not infringe the rights of any third party. Entrants must not have breached any law when taking their photographs.
This bit is to protect the competition organisers from any legal fallout in case the image is stolen or breaches copyright in order to protect what is now their asset.
Support freelance photographers ... DO NOT take part in competitions like this and never give your images away for free.  Always read the small print.  These styles of competitions collate free images and build up image banks.  Think smart - say 'No!'

Please raise your objections and support freelance photographers - they're trying to earn a living too - comment on:

Thanks for reading this and hope you're going to help,  

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