Steak Tartare

Ever done anything daft while abroad and had that moment of clarity just before the act?

I did that the other day with steak tartare.  I thought I was ordering a steak with tartare sauce, with chips and a green salad.  The waiter turns up with a plate that had a lump of raw meat on it together with two side plates - one containing thin crisps and the other the green salad.

I've had to eat some things that I didn't like the look of before so I thought 'sod it' and tucked in.  Stephane - a photographer friend on the outskirts of Paris - would later tell me that the meat was raw.  I'm glad to say that two days of squitting through the eye of a needle have finally stopped.

Yesterday I photographed more of the touristy type of locations in Paris and then met up with Stephane.  He works for an NGO in Paris that raises awareness on the issues of AIDS.

Today there is a gay pride march in Paris, so I'm hoping to get some colourful, vibrant people shots there.



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