The Exhibition plan is complete

What's it going to be called?  Veteran: words of a wolf.

I found it hard to do.  To try to get 13 poems from my collection of digital scribblings over the years that portray what PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) does to someone that's served in the Armed Forces.  I found it harder still to select 13 images to balance out the poems but it's done now and it feels complete!

What's the purpose?  I had to wait 12 years before I got the help I needed and it's still not ideal.  I don't want other veterans suffering in agonising silence.  I want to educate the public, veterans and their loved ones about PTSD and how to get the help they need.

The rest of the work will be relatively easy.  I have to contact various organisations for help towards financing the exhibition and those that support veterans to endorse the exhibition and have their logo and contact details available at the exhbition for referrals.

The other side of it is a feeling of vulnerability.  My core has been exposed to the public in this work in the hope that undiagnosed veterans may either recognise the symptoms and feelings within themselves or that their families will and will help them to get the help they need.  To that end, there will have to be an informative leaflet prepared about PTSD.

On to the next phase.  Time to make contact with the other organisations that I want involved in this venture.


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