Picking up my kids....

I've just been checking the weather forecasts and road conditions in preperation for picking up my kids.  Everything's looking good.

It's out first proper Christmas together since the split up.  No worrying about time here or time there..just being able to relax together and chill out.

I already got some munchies in for them as they both eat as if they're feeding an army of worms, even though they're skinny :o)  Hmm..wonder if I should get some worming tablets for them?

The presents have been wrapped and I'm going to let them put up the simple tree.  We just need to get back here safe and then go and do some shopping.  Both of them have various stages of the flu, so I reckon it'll be a time of hot drinks and board games in the main - monopoly and scrabble no doubt. :o)

Be safe on those cold, icy roads.


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