My flute

Since journeying to different parts of North America I'd fallen in love with the wooden flute that the tribal people use.  The first one that I bought was from New Mexico.  One of the local tribal people had made it there and I learnt to make some noise.  I call it noise because it's not music in the traditional sense, rather an extension of yourself, your mood and your spirit or soul.  My daughter has this flute now.

The noise can be very pleasing, sometimes grating if you hit a wrong note.

I bought my second flute on a later trip to a different part of the states.  My memory doesn't recall where the shop was but I remember that the doors were wooden and the inside sold musical intruments and LOTS of Native American flutes.  I was drawn to this one straightaway and asked if I could try it out.  The store owner agreed and I took it to the back and closed my eyes, tuning in to the energy of the flute.  I never know how the tune's going to start or what's going to come out.  I tuned in to the wood and its energy and played a slow, soft tune.  It only lasted a few seconds but I knew this was the flute for me and so we were paired.

It's a very therapeutic instrument and the connection has grown stronger.  If I feel a bad episode coming on with regard to the PTSD or anything for that matter, I play it.  The flute takes the negative energy away as I breathe out and transforms it into notes that please and soothe me.  When I hear it I imagine how the wind touches and talks with all living things; ghosting through trees, over rocks and over the waters and for those moments, the wind takes me with it.

There's a small sound clip of my music with the flute that I've named 'WindWolf' on my profile if you'd like to hear it.


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