The back held out!!!

What a month!  First 4 weeks of the highest pain level I've experienced in my neck and shoulder for a little while now and then after getting that sorted the lower back plays up.  It was going into spasm and then locking up with pain.  I got it under control though and had a good dance tonight.

I left early though as I didn't want to push it too much.

The book stuff's going well.  49 Waterstones stores have 'Words of a Wolf' in store now and the reviews are up to 9.  I'm really touched by the words that have been left by people that have read the poems.  Start buying folks, the project needs you.  I've approached Barnes & Noble in the USA to see if they're interested in stocking the title.  Keep your fingers crossed for me?!  Thanks for that link Mat :o)

I'm looking forward to Easter now as I get my kids over for a few days.  They want to eat some lovely, spicy food and play monopoly!  Must be the genes I passed on.

Tonight the wolf is smiling.

good night  :o)


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