Words of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran is the first stage of a larger project with the following aims:

1) To raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in veterans.

2) To show how beneficial creative activities such as photography & poetry can be when used as coping mechanisms for PTSD

3) To sign-post veterans to organisations that can help them and their families.

4) To put on a national exhibition of my work and raise more awareness of PTSD - using some of the funds raised from my book.

An extract from the foreword:

'In his writing you'll find a rawness and honesty that we're not used to in society, as well as some uncomfortable truths. Stick with it though because the reward is a deeper understanding of the lives of ex-servicemen and women – about what can happen when the parades are over and the uniform comes off but the damage is still there. It will give you an insight into their relationships and family dynamics too, and maybe why so many of them fall apart.'

The book is currently available from Waterstones and Wolf Photography. Some copies are also available from 'Combat Stress' and Best of Books, Edmond, OK, USA.

I am hoping that the exhibition will start in about 18 months time. There is a lot to plan and a lot to research with regard to finding venues that are sympathetic to the cause. So far the following agencies have signed up to have their banners on display at the exhibition: The Veterans Agency, The Royal British Legion, Combat Stress and Help 4 Heroes. I’m hoping that we can reach veterans and their families via the exhibition and raise more awareness of PTSD, how it affects Veterans and their loved ones and how the Veterans can get help and support and perhaps also give them space to consider whether taking up some form of creative art or therapy would give them a coping mechanism.  I'm also hoping that we can raise some money for the charities named above by way of collection boxes.

So far the book has sold in the following countries:  Canada, England, France, Netherlands, Scotland & Wales.

If you'd like to know which Waterstones stores currently have the title in stock, please click here.

I hope you will buy a copy and help to support this project.  I've posted the customer reviews below. 



Customer Reviews

Overall rating:
4 out of 5
Ams, Canada

A different view of a two-legged wolf
20 March 2010

My father had PTSD. I have PTSD. If you have made it this far, go ahead and buy this book. Proceeds will help fund a national poetry and photography exhibition.

This book has given me personal insight into the mind of a man, a father, a partner, a soldier and a police officer...a human being suffering for having done what he could to follow 'the rules' to help and protect others. This book helped bring me healing. I am very thankful these words were written and published alongside the photos.

While PTSD affects not only verterans, the fact remains that many troops will be coming home soon, creating an even more widespread issue. Learn what you can to help support the troops coming home. Don't turn away because of fear or ignorance of how you can help. Join the 'Words of a Wolf' Facebook page!

Overall rating:
5 out of 5
Nance, USA

Moving, uplifiting and inspiring
10 March 2010

To me, this is definitely a keeper and something I will read again and again. I somehow find peace in almost all of the poems and can connect with many of the feelings put forth, even not having PTSD myself. It is surely something that everyone should read as I think everyone can connect, in one way or another, with what has been written.

Overall rating:
5 out of 5
chelley, Plymouth
Age: 43

09 March 2010

This book arrived at a time of immense grief for me having just lost my dad. the words made me laugh cry and explore my feeling over his death and the realities of life. these poems are not just for those who suffer or live with someone suffering from PTSD but those suffering from grief within thier lives.

Well done Wolf you have made the world a better place not only with your pictures but have now made it better with your words. xx

Overall rating:
5 out of 5
Age: 27

Really brought it home
09 March 2010

Being a veteran isn't the only thing this is about, but when I read Words of a Wolf, it really brought into sharp relief - and 'sharp feels as though its the right word - something of what it means to be a veteran, though I don't wish to assume it's been like that for anyone else, with respect. I'm not, and haven't been, any kind of combatant, and this has meant that I've not really understood, but reading this has, in many ways opened my eyes to some things that Wilfred Owen or Siegfried Sassoon spoke about for WWI - a war that was a very long time ago and only now really in the history books.

For me, the Words of a Wolf, bring into the present, into my history, place into context, for me, the struggles and the sacrifices that (without being a jingoist) our armed forces personnel make - Words of a Wolf give some expression as to the cost of it all- the cost that seems somehow, even though I didn't ask for it, still seems, somehow, 'in my name'.

I felt deeply moved reading Words of a Wolf.

Overall rating:
5 out of 5
Devon dame, Exeter area, Devon
Age: 66

Excellent reading
08 March 2010

This is a great book, well written and illustrated. The images reflect the emotions felt when writing the poems and it is very moving. It has helped me tremendously - everyone should read it.

Overall rating:
5 out of 5
Age: 43

i can only recommend this book
07 March 2010

I am a german living in france and like a ex soldier from the foreigner legion, i feel very concerned over this desise. this book its very well writing. the poetrys are maked to make you thinking about what you lived in the soldier time and make you feel better , i think that its make you easier feeling in your allday life. read it and love it siegfried

Overall rating:
5 out of 5
taff, Plymouth england
Age: 42

fantastic book
07 March 2010

im an ex soldier who suffer's with ptsd and this book hits home of what we go through on a daily basis the poems are excellent and i recomend that you buy this book its fantastic .

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