The birds are getting ready to mate ...

We're still in the clutches of winter but the winged ones are moving back to the garden finding the variety of food hanging in various ways for them.

A male and female blackbird have been chasing eachother through the garden.  I feel  that they're going through a courting ritual.  I have a feeling that they'll nest in the trees at the bottom of the garden.

Three robins have been coming in for food too, which is surprising as they're normally very terratorial.

I haven't seen the thrush since the last snowfall.  It used to come in for the fruit that I left on the feeders.

The blue tits and great tits make appearances now and then with the odd long tailed tit coming in and I've seen two sparrows return to the area.

I hope that we see more species this year.  You normally see chaffinches all over the place but I've never seen one in this garden.

My neighbour, Edna wanted a bird feeding station setup in her garden.  We found one going cheap today at Aldis and I put it up for her.  She's already sussed out her 'watching' spot in the kitchen and seems excited.

These have been nice distractions today as the biography is getting harder to write.  I'm hoping that the bits about Northern Ireland will finish soon.


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