A night in Calais ...

I'm in Calais and I'm getting to know my way around the place, a little.

Like any place that attracts tourists it has its mix of good and seedy areas and the accomodation varies quite a lot from place to place.

I stayed at the hotel Balladin the last time but made a mistake this time and ended up at the Balladin Bonsai, which isn't as good in terms of the actual room BUT, it's within walking distance of shops and restaurants.  It also has a bar that stays open til 2am, a pool table and accepts pizza deliveries.

Last night I went to a restaurant that I have used before.  It's a pleasant little place straight down the road into town  and just pass the square: 'Le Saint Malo', 18 Rue De La Mer - Tel 03 21 82 70 38.  The food is affordable, the rose vin - lovely AND they have a nice selection of single malt whiskey (one aged 14 years).

Time to find some breakfast


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