Printer's final proof ...

The last stage in the print production process is to check the example cover and contnent pages that the printing firm sends you.  This proof is more about checking the quality of the print job itself: paper, print quality etc.

I'd signed off the print cover 2 days ago.  It looked neat.

I received the actual content pages today and my hands started shaking as I opened the envelope.  I sat there looking at the content ... turning the pages, feeling the quality of the paper and recognising that a part of me now lived in this book.  An important part.  The part that the system couldn't completely grind into dust for walking my path and doing what I felt had to be done in my working life.

Having seen the final quality and size of the book and having compared it to other poetry books in Waterstones, I could have gotten away for selling it  for £12.99 and contributed more to Combat Stress by giving them a bigger cut on the books they will sell.  However, £6.99, which I have put out as the RRP, keeps the book affordable to those with little income that might like to own a copy.

For those of you that buy the book and have a little spare cash, I'd ask that you make a small donation - even if it's only a pound or two on the following link: and perhaps type 'Words of a Wolf' in the box asking for reason for donation?  If you live near one of the Combat Stress centres, please would you buy your copy direct from them?  This makes it easier for me to get some funds through the book sale direct to them without me incurring tax bills on income that I don't have.

Every little helps towards the targets below:

•A session in the Activities Centre – £20

•A session of Occupational Therapy - £20

•A session of Therapy (CBT, EMDR, Art etc) – £30

•A consultation with our Psychologist – £40

•A consultation with our Consultant Psychiatrist – £130

•A full day's care at one of our Treatment Centres – £293

•A home Welfare Visit – £213

•A week's clinical assessment – £2,050
If you have an idependent book store in your area, please would you ask them if they'd like to order some copies for sale?

If you would like to buy a copy of 'Words of a Wolf' off my website, please click here.  The first print run gets here for 25 Feb 2010.  So far I have received advanced orders for 35 copies.  My thanks to the people that have ordered and to you for keeping in touch with my blog.
Wishing you a good day,

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