Hassle in Amsterdam ...

As I sit here trying to write a blog entry, Wolf Junior is arsing about with his camera trying to get some shots of us together, as Mat has requested.  I don't thimk the flash on his camera's working.   I've asked him to set the flash but he doesn't know how to (dumbkopff!).  RTFM dude!

I had some space cake last night to get a break from the physical pain and it felt gooood!  Junior kept making me talk when all I wanted to do was just sit there and meditate ... and follow the energy trails of the stuff moving around my body.

We didn't get much photography done as it's rained a lot this weekend ... but it's been a nice chilled weekend and it makes a nice change to be able to hang with nice easy going people.

A lof of one digit communication took place within the pack .. all in fun though.

We just finished doing the photo of us together for Mat - we got a shot we're happy with and will send it on.

Time to pack up and head off back home via Cedrick and Melanie.



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