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Thursday, 25 February 2010

A rollercoaster day ...

The books arrived today. 41 copies have been packed ready for dispatch in the morning. Another 4 have been ordered locally. Any more takers?! :o)

Of the first 200 copies, 12 are going to the USA, 28 to the UK, 1 to Calais and 1 to Holland.  An additional 4 copies have been ordered locally.  So they're moving.

It turned out to be a stressy day as the email system went down and I didn't realise until this afternoon. So it looks like none of the press releases etc went out.

That'll have to wait 5 days now as I'm in need of a break. So no sitting here and doing bits of promoting etc. Haven't even had time to sweep the floor with that awkwardly positioned broom.

Have a good weekend and, PLEASE, continue to put the word out and get your orders in for the book if you want one. The link for ordering a book is: http://www.wolf-photography.com/graphics/books/Words%20of%20a%20Wolf/slides/Words%20of%20a%20Wolf.html - so please join in and lend your support to the project?



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Osprey - Nature section
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