The english language is the hardest to learn ... says my neighbour, Edna

I asked Edna to explain why and she said it's because we have so many words with multiple meanings.   So, I was sat there dunking my choccy biccies in a cup of hot tea and  started thinking about words with double meanings and we started batting a few at eachother and seeing how many we could come up with.

We really know how to live it up!  We turned on the light and pulled out her dictionary and guess what?  One word that we found had 10 (yes TEN) multiple meanings.  So, for a change, here's a quiz:

What's the word that we found (the old-fashioned way only please!  No doing internet searches ya big geek!) with 10 meanings and can you top it with one you found? 

We also found words with 5. 6, 7, 8 and 9 meanings.  Feel free to give yourself an honourable mention if you scored 7 meanings or above?  Enter your replies in the comments and get others involved in this quiz?

Cheers :o)


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